Concept Art

Concept drawing

I am no artist.  But of course I have ideas of what I would want my character to look like… like gun, armor and so forth. So I had about an hour or so to use. So I decided to pull out the tablet and see if I could come up with some random art. So I started with just drawing a character from scratch… Trust me you don’t want to see that. It looks terrible. So instead I thought it might be easier for me to break the body up into parts to tackle. So I started with the leg armor, then I did an arm armor, then I finished off with a gun. Since I was thinking of having this take place in the future at some time.  I could easily get away with at little more “imagination”. Anyways I’ll post it below of all to see… AGAIN, I am no artist. But I think I am getting some of my ideas out on “digital” paper. Anyways…


Oh and if are wondering those Chinese characters mean “shell” or what I am more leaning towards is, Instance. (as in a point in time)

(that at least is what Google translate tells me, of course it is probably wrong)