Level Generation Tool

So I have been progressing with the new game idea for the last few months. I have only been able to work on it late nights, and that’s if I really feel up to it after working during the day. Anyways, enough with the complaining. More Game Development. So an update… an update… yes…….. WELL! Those that have seen on my google+ account, I have posted little pictures of my development progress…. There I talked a little about properly implementing my version of procedural level design. As there are, I am sure, many paths I could take in developing my “random” level generation. I have chosen a simple yet I feel elegant way about generating the “first bit” of the level. This being probably the first 2 minutes into the game. Then I will probably start generation again after a short period of that time has expired. Anyways, a picture would help with my explanation.


As this picture below is me prototyping, this isn’t exactly how the game will look in the end.


This “screen picture” was taken after I had perfected “so far” the algorithm. I was needless to say happy about it. “But doug this is just one platform where are the other three??” Well my good friend, like I said, this was just prototyping. So I have now moved on to actually making all the chunks in the game that will populate my arrays! So I started doing this only to find that this was extremely slow. Like VERY slow. I would go into blender modeling tool. And… model away…. Yeah… after about a few hours of that I was like… This will take my forever! So me being lazy decided to make a tool that would allow me to model within my game engine. After a bit of research, and some frustration I have a working modeling tool, I made, that I am happy with. This way I can quickly break and spawn my special blocks in with just a simple click… Those familiar with minecraft will know what I am talking about. This method will speed up my workflow and make things more optimized! Which is a plus 😉 RIGHT?!

So I did make a video of this but am somewhat reluctant to post since I sound, well, tired and, groggy. Funny… it being 1 am or so when I did it. Okay okay, I’ll post it. Just below here. So anyways, now that I have this modeling tool going, the next step is making all of my platforms and then coding them to show up in a random fashion that makes the game fun and interesting! Then onto Hit detection and Raycasting of characters and such. I won’t give too much away. Enjoy.

Anyways, Questions? Ask them below. I’d be happy to answer them.


One response

  1. Sarah

    Looks cool Dougbot. But I have no idea what you are talking about.

    March 13, 2013 at 4:46 pm

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