Tracker Program for music

As a kid that grew up with older brothers playing and programming/fooling around with older Commodore computers (AMIGA, Comm64) I was always amazed at the things you could do with them. One thing that I always wanted to do was to use the amazing program called OctaMED. This was a tracker program where you could make music you heard in the games themselves. This was very interesting to me. As I have been working on my game for the last few months I have also been coming up with music that I would like to add to the game. This is a time consuming process. Luckily, I have lots of ideas already laid out. Sadly I couldn’t find a good tracker program… UNTIL today.

With about 2 hours of fooling around with it I was able to spit out a simple song. Give me a good month and i’ll be able to really have some good stuff I hopefully will be happy with. The program I am working with is called MilkyTracker. I included a screenshot below.

The song in progress

The song in progress

Anyways. This has been a nice break to fool around with the songs I will be including in the game. So now, the decision how many shall I include in the game. I guess it will all come down to how fast and good I can get them out and meshing with the gameplay properly. Anyways, I am going to bed. I am up waaaay to late. ( and too lazy to proof read this post, So I typed this pretty quick and don’t care enough to  read through it ( that’s what proof reading is))


For those interested in the Tracker program I’ll give a link to in below.


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