New Game Concept

So this is, again, the second time I am typing this. I think I might start typing stuff out in an external program, as I have lost two big posts to wordpresses web interface. Funny, I am still typing this in that interface. Maybe I am too lazy to even open such a program, as I would take me no time. Anyways, I am going to try and summarize this a bit more. Basically I had a strange idea come to mind right before I was to fall asleep about two weeks ago. I recorded this in my phone and then fell asleep. This idea was then later translated with the help of me drawing it into Photoshop the following day. This is basically the idea that I drew out.

It was to be a 3d third person runner… But not in the sense that most are used to. It would not be just on one plane. It would consist of platforms, as you can see in the picture. The character would avoid blocks and gaps by either moving on the platform jumping over them, or the funner part, is moving to another platform. This would be a fast paced game requiring some good reflexes. Anyways, I took this picture, and started working on a 3d engine and textured blocks to start the actual development of the game. I first created and textured one single block. Once that had taken place, I quickly decided, if I was to make an engine, to build levels in, I would need to make every combination of 3 section block capable. Once that was done, I decided to see how my simple start to my engine looked on a rendered out screen shot. This is what I have to date right now… Although I might need to do some optimization of the engine in some spots, other then that, I am quite happy with how this turned out so far. (refer to the picture below.)

Again as this is still quite early in development, this will most likely change considerably.
Anyways I hope to have more posts on this game as I continue development. Let me know what anyone thinks of the idea for this game. I don’t want to spoil much of the gameplay extras that I will be adding. So you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out more.



2 responses

  1. TheFaz

    VERY cool idea. i see you have 2 blocks on some and 1 block on others and gaps: are you looking to be able to control the place of the character on each of the the 4 planks or just be able to jump to a diff plank? i like either way, obviously if you can control the guy within each plank it would be much trickier, especially figuring out the controls. this reminds me of those temple run games a lil bit, but of course better, but more than that it reminds me of ender’s game! they are making a movie and this could be a rad version of the game in some way. could work on zero gravity, so you run on one plank, dodging the ledges and jumping gaps (or maybe no jumping since it’s zero gravity you would probably jump to a diff plank), then if a dude shoots a laser at you, you have to jump to a diff plank and maybe it rotates the screen (or not) and you continue on that diff level. controls could just be a d-pad and then you hold a button down and then the direction you want to jump to.

    November 9, 2012 at 11:20 am

  2. dougbott

    Yes, The character will be able to move on the three blocks on each platform. This will be quite fast paced movements. I will have multiple levels of difficulty. There will also be time trials and certain power ups that will help the player move through the level faster.

    November 10, 2012 at 6:32 am

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