Epic Space Adventure | Machanics Down

So I have now made about 10 or so Classes to run differing aspects of the game. These range from asteroid movement and collision. Main ship movement and collision and enemy ship movement and collision. I have also made it so that the enemy ships shoot at the player and fly differing patterns. I have also added a title screen and a ugly “HUD” in the game as to show you your current score and lives left.

Basically the game is in working condition, but doesn’t get progressively harder and could last forever, theoretically. I must now come up with some sort of timer that will make the game get harder as your progress. Possibly add some sort of boss fight.

These are some of my other Ideas:

  • Other enemy types with differing styles of “bullets”
  • More asteroids as the game moves along
  • Differing paths that the enemies fly
  • Power ups for the ship

Anyways below is a screen capture of  that I have so far. I might in the near future add the source code and a down-loadable packet for those that want to “try” this mini game.




 Source Files for Epic Space Adventure


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